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MYFIRST COMIC-CON EXPERIENCE HER UNIVERSE FASHION SHOW COVERAGE HOW I CREATED MY OWN NONPROFIT YOU CAN TOO ONLINE DATING FOR WOMEN MAKING A GREAT FIRSTIMPRESSION THE COMIC- CON ISSUE Ever Dreamt of Becoming a Pinup If you have ever dreamt of posing as a classic pinup of the 1950s a sultry vixen of the 1930s or 40s or a vamp of the 1920s then here is your chance Celeste Giuliano Photography is a full service studio where custom vintage styled portraits are the specialty. Over the last 6 years my team and I have transformed over 1000 everyday woman into sexy pinups We offer the best quality and most professional pinup photography available. Whether its your first time posing or you are a pro in front of the camera I can help you feel comfortable relaxed and confident as you are transformed into a classy pinup. All packages are completely customized to create unique images that reflect you or your loved ones personality and interests. The photos are a perfect gift for a birthday wedding anniversary or other special occasions. They are also a fun and unique way to document and celebrate milestone birthdays reaching weight loss goals pregnancy post pregnancy and new relationships. Plus they make you feel sexy and give you the opportunity to pamper yourself for a dayopportunity to pamper yourself for a day Becoming a Pinup If you have ever dreamt of posing as a classic pinup of the 1950s a sultry vixen of the 1930s or 40s or a vamp of the 1920s then here is your chance Celeste Giuliano Photography is a full service studio where custom vintage styled portraits are the specialty. Over the last 6 years my team and I have transformed over 1000 everyday woman into sexy pinups We offer the best quality and most professional pinup photography available. Whether its your first time posing or you are a pro in front of the camera I can help you feel comfortable relaxed and confident a are transformed into a classy pinup. All packages are completely customized to create unique images that reflect you or your loved ones personality and interests. EDITOR IN CHIEF Alexis Nichols PUBLISHER Frank Monahan ART DIRECTOR Meredith Hancock PHOTOGRAPHERS Harvey Branman CREDITS ... ON THE COVER Photographer Alexis Monahan Image from The Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con Letter from the Editor Photo By Steph Girard Hello FLiP Magazine Readers- Great news-here at FLiP Magazine we were lucky enough to send a few correspondents to cover the 2015 Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center This issue features numerous articles interviews and photos to give our readers a backstage all access pass to the world of Comic-Con including coverage of the Her Universe Fashion Show presented by Hot Topic and of course our reporting wouldnt be complete without sharing some of our favorite cosplay costumes. In case you arent familiar cosplay is an abbre- viation of costume play and involves partici- pants dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character usually a sci fi comic boo or anime character. Its great fun and one of the most pop- ular parts of Comic-Con. There are many photog- raphers who travel to the convention just to cap- ture the cosplayers in all their glory including our very own Alex Ma of Cold Blue Sky Photography who documented his trip with his article Comic-Con A Photo Es- say. If you havent made the trip to Comic-Con yet after seeing our teams coverage we are sure you will start packing your bags to go And thats not all we also have other articles like How reated n on rofit rou nd ou an Too as well as a ing a reat irst Impression to teach us the importance of giving back to our communities and behaving in a way that is sure to bring us the success we deserve while our usual his and her tutorials offer insight into looking and feeling your best while a new double feature about Online Dating Tips is featured on each side of the magazine to help you find your perfect match. And we know you FLiP readers like to travel whether to San Diegos Comic-Con Paris or anywhere and weve created some tips to help you find the best travel deals in ere and en o ind e Best Travel Deals. As always if you think you might have a subject article editorial or event that could interest us please feel free to reach me at alexisnichols I hope this latest issue inspires encourages and fulfills you as much as it does all of us here at FLiP Magazine. So what are you waiting for Flip on through the pages of FLiP Magazine Alexis Nichols FLiP Magazine Editor in Chief 4 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 7 22 10 1016 18 26 5 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 BY ALEXIS MONAHAN W hen you think of huge events at Comic-Con does fashion come to mind Well it should. Fashion is big business And with more and more women take their rightful place in all things geek culture growing geek fashion is a natural progression. The Her Universe Fashion Show hosted by actress and Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein returned again to San Diego Comic-Con 2015 with an all new group of aspiring designers. his year finalists presented their original gee couture designs in the runway show to compete for the opportunity to design a limited edition fandom collection with Her Universe for leading specialty retailer Hot Topic. The Her Universe Fashion Show not only aims to spotlight fangirl culture but to also support aspiring designers by providing them with a real runway to showcase their one-of-a-kind designs to the world. Two winners one chosen by the audience and one chosen by a panel of judges - were awarded the unique professional experience of co-designing a fashion line for Hot Topic retail stores. Geek Fashion is a trend thats not going away and once again we cant wait FLiP Magazine attends the Her Universe Fashion Show during Comic-Con Judges Winner - Kelly Cercone design Audience Winner - Leetal Platt 6 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 to celebrate Fangirl Fashion on the runway. said Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein. FLiP Magazine along with over 2000 fans attended this exciting runway show - in the middle of Comic-Con - celebrating fangirl fashion and pop culture and we have brought it here for you You can also catch our video coverage on our special FLiP TV episodeFLiP TV does Comic- Con. The 25 talented designers who competed in this years fashion show came from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. They created womens fashion looks based on anything that is celebrated at Comic-Con original or inspired by popular media he finalists ere auren Andrews Ericka Angiuli Kelly Cercone Laura Desch Daisy Evans Jessica Gonzalez Lindsay Hamilton Kathryn Henzler Sarah Henzler Hannah Kent Kristin Koga Harmony Leiker Belinda Mendoza Jennifer Newman Emily Ong Laura Cristina Ortiz Leetal Platt Tara Reich Adria Sanchez-Chaidez Amy Scott Kristi Siedow-Thompson Sam Skyler Jesse Thaxton Oseas Villatoro and Erica Williams. fter some fierce run ay al ing and a special audience participation segment where anyone in cosplay was invited up to take their turn at stomping the runway the two winners were chosen. Judges Winner - Kelly Cercone 7 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 First the Judges Pick for best designer went to Kelly Cercone for her Jokers New Look inspired by Batman. Kelly Cercone is a celebrated freelance costume designer crafts person based in Los Angeles. Growing up in northern California she discovered her love for costumes early through historical reenactment and later cosplay. In school she primarily studied fashion design with minors in textiles lingerie and specialty pattern drafting. In addition to her own label focused on bespoke commissions Anachronism in ction she can regularly be found or ing in film theater opera ballet and for local fashion companies. She particularly enjoys the architectural qualities of ladies period costume armor millinery corsetry and leatherwork. Drawing on her background in textiles she often custom creates her designs by dying painting and manipulating found materials. Her favorite designers are Colleen Atwood Ralph Rucci Vionnet and Alexander McQueen. She adds that her favorite fandoms are Marvel especially the Thor Comics Star Trek Supernatural and Lord of the Rings. She is a lover of drama mischief and rich colors. The Audience Pick winner for best designer went to Leetal Platt for her Usagis Transformation inspired by Sailor Moon. Leetal Platt was born in Israel and raised in Newton Massachusetts to scientist parents but with an artistic household he studied film production at and then moved to Los Angeles where she worked for four years in the film industry fter discovering her so called passion for fashion she spent a year studying fashion design at Parsons Paris in France then completed anAssociates ofArts in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising FIDM in Los Angeles CA. Her Advance Associates 12-look eveningwear collection for FIDM swept the competition by winning both the Jury Prize and Best in Show and walked at El Paseo Fashion Week. Leetals design work has walked shows for Hot TopicHer Universe last year her Dalek Wedding Dress received an Honorable Mention Celebrity Cruises the Handweavers Guild of America and others. In 2012 she founded a side brand Cozday Clothing created to merge geek culture and fashion together. Coming up she will be showing a capsule collection for Supima Cotton to show at New York Fashion Wee and studying haute couture production at the oefia Academy in Rome Italy. Congratulations to both ladies Kelly Cerconce and Leetal Platt on your prizes to design for geek couture line Her Universe and sell through their partnership with retailer Hot Topic It was a wonderful show and FLiP Magazine is proud to bring it to you. The winners 8 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 9 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 BY FRANK MONAHAN Welcome to our special 2015 Comic-Con International issue We returned to home base just a short while ago after 4 AMAZING days at the San Diego Convention Center and all the supporting hotel venues. Just to give you a sense of how big this event was the San Diego Convention Center is just plain HUGE and it was not big enough to contain everything being offered. Three hotels within a block or two of the Convention Center were also utilized as well as a small park across a walking bridge next to Petco Park the home of the San Diego Padres. Im not kiddingthis event was HUGE. Im going to try and give you a sense of the event by telling you about my experience and after youve read this article if you havent already been to Comic-Con Im thinking and secretly hoping youll want to We arrived there were two of us there representing FLiP Magazine with Press Passes me and our intrepid reporter Alexis Monahan my daughter on Wednesday the day before the 4-day weekend happening. We hit the Convention Center right away to grab our Press credentials and I have to tell you you could feel it the minute I stepped in the already buzzing Convention Center the air was electric The absolutely genuine excitement exhibited by everyone was palpable. When Comic Con actually starts on Thursday you are immediately amazed by the enormous number of people coming from every directionand not just everyday people either but excited people people in costumes people who love movies TV Comic Books Novelseverything Our shuttle left us off outside an amusement park about a mile from the convention center. Along with hundreds and hundreds of others we crossed the enormous al ing bridge over the confluence of high ays and Interstate and railroad tracks that passed below. Then we entered the center itself and were met by thousands more people. Absolutely amazing10 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 The event is full of amazing sights and things to do. I mentioned the amusement park outside the Center but there are Exhibition Halls that span the entire length of the Convention Center with vendors from all over the world. T-shirts clothing photos rare books rare comic books movies figurines costumes you name it you can buy it there Its like the worlds biggest and most crowded bazaar There are smaller rooms meeting rooms of various sizes where non-stop seminars and conferences take place. I attended several great conferences with two of them being absolutely amazing. articipating panelists on the first panel included executive producer Aditya Sood The Martian Adam Nimoy producer and son of Leonard Nimoy Amber Straughn astrophysicist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Kevin Hand Deputy Chief Scientist for Solar System Exploration NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The panel was moderated by actor Jay R. Ferguson Madmen. It was very interesting in that the panel was primarily gath- ered to help educate and promote the upcoming movie The Martian a movie based on a novel by Andy Weir. But the moderator Jay Ferguson was obviously blown away and smit- First Panel Moderator Jay Fergusin with Amber Straughn and Kevin Hand 11 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 ten by the NASA represen- tatives and concentrated most of his questions and gee-whiz comments to Dr. Straughn and Kevin Hand two very high-ranking and critical minds working on future projects of NASAto- day. The movie got some mention but to my great pleasure most of the talk was about the James Webb Telescope the replacement telescope for Hubble and the then-upcoming flyby of luto by the space explorer e orizon dam Nimoy weighed in on several things related to NASA but the best part of his presentation was talking about his Dad. dam is putting the finishing touches on a documentary of his fathers life and should be released soon. This panel was incredibly informative especially if youre a space geek like me and it could have gone on all daybut sadly it ended but happily segued into a second NASA panel This panel was an enlightening discussion moderated by Aditya Sood executive producer The Martian. Some of NASAs best and brightest Jim Green director of planetary sciences NASAHeadquarters Todd May manager NASA Space Launch System Program NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Victor Glover astronaut NASA Johnson Space Center were on the panel as well as authorAndy Weir The Martian especially in light of NASAs involvement in the upcoming Ridley Scott motion picture The Martian. There was plenty of NASAtalk with Jim Green providing even more updates on the e orizon flyby of luto and especially by Todd May who discussed the new Space Launch System SLS the largest and most powerful rocket ever built. It will presumably be the rocket that takes man to Mars in the not-too-distant future Todd May introduced Astronaut Victor Glover Aditya Sood Jim Hand and Todd May Kevin Hand Adam Nimoy and Aditya Sood Joss Whedon Author Andy Weir 12 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 Victor Glover a freshly-minted NASA astronaut he had graduated to full astronaut just 24 hours before. He was introduced as one of a class of 9 astronauts among whom the first human to step on ars ould li ely come ot to get too far ahead but I considered it a high honor when the panel concluded and I got a chance to shake his hand and wish him God-speed on whatever missions were forthcoming. Ill be really thrilled if that simple handshake was with the eventual first human to reach ars But this panel did talk a lot about the upcoming movie The Martian a film directed by idley cott and starring att Damon. It is an incredible story of an astronaut stranded on Mars by incredible bad luck. The author of the novel where the movie was adapted is Andy Weir and he spoke at length about the process of writing the book. Mr. Weir is incredibly funny as witnessed during this panel and his humor comes through in this book about a ridiculously serious subject. Im reading the book now and thoroughly enjoying it and cant wait for the movie But the amazing panels I would see on Saturday in legendary Hall H the biggest conference room of them all holding close to 5000 people was the best This where the cast of the early Star Wars movies Harrison Ford Mark Hamel and Carrie Fisher appeared as well as famous directors like Quentin Tarantino appeared. After waiting in the queue for over 2 hours with thousands of others I entered Hall H and was blown away by the size of the hall the technology all around me as movie screens rolled out in front and from the sides to give everyone a beautiful show as each new panel presented their next project. But for me the best part of the whole gathering was the appearance of Joss Whedon the writer and director of the Avengers movies and many other brilliant projects. Listening to him speak on many projects and his process I personally was enthralled. But what came next from Mr. Wheeden was what meant the most to me as a participant in this event and as an attendee. I ould be the first person to say that from a distance Comic-Con looks like a festival for nerds and comic book geeks. Again on the surface it indeed is a collection of some pretty amazing and sometimes quirky people. But Joss Whedon talked about the true meaning of Comic-Con and why it was so internationally attended and cherished. He talked about mankind and our wired-in need to be together to depend on others for help and sustenanceand the one thing that has always bound us as a society and helped us learn together is the art of storytelling rom the first cavemen telling of the hunt to paintings on cave walls all the way to todays amazing special effects movies humans are a species of storytellers and that is what draws people from every corner of the world to Comic-Conour need and love of storytelling which is exactly the point of books movies comic books video gamesthe list goes on and on. If you love stories whether to tell them listen to them read them or act out on them Comic-Con is where you need to go. You wont regret it for one second 13 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 BY JOANNA KELLY ver heard of the five second rule o not the one about dropping food asting first impressions happen in five seconds or less ne t o three four five ozens of studies have sho n that first impressions are the most important because they are instant some judgments are made in as little as a 34 milliseconds http guilfordjournals.comdoiabs10.1521soco.2009.27.6.813 and long-lasting even when different impressions are made later Whether it is a first date a ob intervie or meeting your significant others parents there are some proven ays to make the ideal impression. Follow these 6 tips to make sure your first is also your best 1. ATTITUDE Have you ever noticed how some people can light up a whole room Or conversely bring rainclouds to an otherwise sunny day Before entering a room choose a happy positive thought. Take the two corners of your mouth and turn them upward activating your smile muscles to send a signal to your brain to be happy. Imagine all interactions going smoothly If that is difficult for you egative elly then stand li e a superhero for five minutes before going in fists on hips chest out feet further than hip distance apart chin slightly above level. Standing like this will give you presence and the image of a good attitude when entering a room. 2. BODY LANGUAGE -A study conducted by UCLA found that people evaluate one another using the hree s visual appearance vocal voice and verbal what you say and that about 93 of a persons communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal communication. So what you say is less important that o ou oo when you say it. Would you believe someone that said they are really confident but they are slouched loo ing at the floor and have their HOWTOMAKEAGOOD FIRST IMPRESSION 14 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 arms crossed over their chest Not likely. Make sure you use eye contact a firm handsha e and an open stance. Have good posture uncrossed arms and fidgeting If you suffer from resting bitch face make sure youre smiling at least with your eyes. 3. GOOD HYGIENE Youll never make a good impression if you resemble Pigpen from the comic strip Peanuts. Clean bodies clean hair and fresh breath might seem like a no-brainer but if you have ever been around someone with bad breath or B.O. you know not everyone has the same standards of cleanliness. If something is truly a problem consult a doctor. Conversely too much of a good thing is not a good thing Ever been around an old lady and choked on her perfume Our noses can become accustomed to certain smells so much so that we do not smell them anymore. If you have worn the same cologne or perfume for any length of time you might become immune to the scent. Less is more And if you are a smoker quit your nose can become immune to that smell as well. Air it out 4. CLOTHES If youve ever heard the expression clothes make the man you might be surprised to learn that it is right When looking to advance in the corporate world start by dressing for the job that you want not necessarily the job that you have or a date a party or any other first meeting dont veer away from clothes that express who you are but keep in mind the setting and take into consideration that over dressing is always better than being underdressed. It is preferable to look sharp than to look like a slob Additionally be aware that accessories can sometimes be more of a distraction than an enhancement and keep them to a minimum. 5. BE ON TIME For business meetings job interviews and other important events being five minutes early is on time If you show up on time you are late. And if you show up late you are RUDE If you are the type of person that has a hard time getting places on time make sure to give yourself ample time to get there. Being up to 15 minutes early always makes a good impression. You dont want to be too early as that can be just as much an inconvenience as being late Bring a book magazine newspaper or a silent game on your phone should you need to fill some time. It is better to sit in your car on the bus stop bench train platform or office lobby for a fe minutes entertaining yourself than to be late. 6. BE POSITIVE MTFI AND STFU Nobody likes a Debbie Downer. Focusing on the positive will make them feel more comfortable and in turn make you feel more comfortable. MTFI Make Them Feel Important. Remembering a persons name is one of the main ways to make someone like you. A chemical reaction in the brain happens when you hear your name that makes you feel good. If possible remember the other names you hear their spouse their dog their kids etc. Also a person will feel more comfortable with someone they can relate to If you find out they have similar tastes in music or a common hobby they will have a more favorable opinion of you. That being said STFU Shut the Fck Up. Be a good listener. Ask questions. Get to know them. Be genuinely interested in what they have to say. People always like to be listened to and really be heard. People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou Finally make sure your phone is on silent you give compliments when they are genuine and end on a good note. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ orn and raised in ouston e as and a graduate of e or ni ersit oanna e no resides in os Angeles where she works as an actress model and writer. n er free time s e en o s s aring er isdom it u and coming ta ent coac ing c i dren of a ages for mode ing and acting. oanna is a so an a id b ogger. o earn more about oanna and er or c ec out er ebsites . aitingfor eft .b ogs and . oanna e .me. 15 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 Fat. Skinny. Big-boned. Thin. Chubby. Skeletal. Curvy. Petite. Full-figured. Stick thin. Gangly. Heavyset. Lanky. Husky. Leggy. Pear-shaped. Gawky. Sexy. Unattractive. Hot. Strapping. Pretty. Ugly. T hese are only some of the many words used to describe womens bodies. These are the words that come crashing into our adolescence and shatter our innocence. They look back at us in the mirror screaming in voices hard to silence. Billboards movies commercials diets fashion- all shout together what we should be. But the most damaging voices are our own. Not only the voices we use on ourselves but the ones we turn on other women. We let this twisted standard of beauty become the barometer of each others worth. By Arielle Nieshalla FINDING A NEWVOICE 16 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 unhealthy. Ummm excuse me but last time I checked I AM a real woman curves or no I cant HELP that I have a thigh gap and if I AM unhealthy its because I eat too many cheeseburgers. I realize these campaigns are only meant to encourage women to embrace their natural selves but whats being lost in this is the very real fact that for some women thin IS their natural self. What concerns me is that in the effort to embrace one size were putting down another. Correct me if Im wrong but isnt that what instigated millions of girls to starve themselves How is it now acceptable to do THE SAME THING but against the opposite body type In my mind true acceptance of womens bodies is the realization that ALL body types even skinny ones are natural are beautiful. To deny that is to keep the cycle of shame going. Ihopethatsometimesoonwecanrealizethateveryone is born with DIFFERENT BODY TYPES gasp and that THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL GASP and we should LET OURSELVES BE double gasp Variety is beautiful and we shouldnt put limits on it. Some women are going to be born with naturally thin bodies some with naturally curvy ones thats just a fact. Its never going to change. What CAN change is our view on it. What NEEDS to change is the shame we put on each other for things that simply cant be helped. Lets rock our skinny curvy thin full figured athletic I bodies ith pride and most importantly encouragement. Lets remember that someone being beautiful in a different way than you doesnt take away from your own beauty. Lets put away those hurtful descriptive labels we throw at each other and substitute it with one simple one- Beautiful. THAT is the voice of the future. THAT is the voice I want to hear every woman shouting from the rooftops. THAT is the voice we all deserve. Ill be honest with you Ive sat down to write this about a thousand and one times and couldnt quite find an angle that rang true ith me omething as al ays off ho do you find a ne ay to rite about something that is so prevalent in discussion now a days- especially across social media. Even more so how do you find a ne angle that is that is uniquely me and hopefully will somehow strike true with a myriad of other women who happen to stumble upon this Whilst banging my head against the proverbial and sometimes literal wall one answer kept coming back to me- just be true. So here it is- me being true. I dont like my body. A more accurate statement would be that sometimes I hate my body. Sometimes I love it. More often than not we have this agree to disagree silence of acceptance between us. For the past 25 some odd years of my life this has been our relationship with each other. I know this isnt a new or groundbreaking admission a girl who doesnt like her body Old news sister. But for those of you that no me you may be scoffing because hat right do I have to not like my body For those of you who DONT know me Im about 58 weighing in at about 120lbs i.e. tall and skinny. All my life Ive been surrounded by this attitude of dismissal when it came to how I viewed myself. Ive never been able to stand in front of the mirror on bathroom breaks with girlfriends and bemoan my fla s ecause Im s inny isnt that what everyone wants Its funny how people adopt this mentality that if you happen to have what society deems as beautiful you must be happy.As if societys ideal has magically weaved a spell of protection against insecurity over some few happy people. Im here to tell you that no one regardless of size or shape is free from that curse. Sometimes I look at myself and see a skeletal being with over long awkward limbs and no shape. Sometimes I feel unattractive bloated and yes even fat. This doesnt mean I have an eating disorder or theres something wrong with me it means I have insecuritiesjust like everyone else. As Ive battled against the voices in my head that are screaming that Im gross Im abnormal Im unhealthy Ive had to fight against the voices of others telling me the same. Lately its taken the shape of REALwomen have curves or that thigh gaps areALWAYS bad and that skinny bitches are rie e ies a a is a riter actor and a around dabb er in t e arts i ing in . S e o es reading and oo ing contem ati e out of indo s i st it s raining. S e s a contributing riter for t e fabu ous e o igg es ebsite and ou can fo o some of her writing at httphellogiggles.compraise-real- fat er or if socia media is more of our t ing catc er ad entures in nstagram ribe e . 17 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 FLiP Magazine Interview with ElisabethNessCreator of The Popular Webseries Redheads AnonymousBY ALEXIS NICHOLS 18 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 R edheads are all the rage right now. Seriously from popular starlets like Jessica Chastain Emma Stone Eddie Redmayne Ellie Kemper Julianne Moore and Christina Hendricks gracing the covers of magazines such as Vogue GQ Esquire Cosmo and The Hollywood Reporter to having their images plastered on billboards across the country you cant help but notice the trend. Despite the popular adage maybe its red heads who have more fun Maybe Im a bit biased as a proud member of the ginger gang myself but I think the red headed rage is here to stayAnd with over 25000 views in just the first ee of release the popular ebseries edheads nonymous ust adds fiery fuel to that claim Centered around the lead character Mollys efforts to win a redheaded scholarship yes that is a real thing - we meet her friends also vibrant members of the redheaded race. As the gang works together to secure the scholarship and build their friendship we laugh cry and learn some valuable lessons. At around 7 minutes an episode Redheads Anonymous is a fast- paced fun show that you wont want to miss First off what exactly is a webseries Other than being the best thing ever a webseries is essential- ly a TV series that is made to be on the Internet. Thanks to the joys of the World Wide Web folks across the globe can access it at any time on a web-connected computer episodes can be any length in our case much shorter than the average sitcom since they dont need to fit ithin the confines of a broadcast schedule and viewers can feel free to interact by immediately sharing their comments reactions and own personal stories in response to what they see for better or for worse. Why was this the medium you chose for your project We wanted to connect with as many redheads across the world as possible -- and how better to do that than on the web The web also allowed for full creative control over the show hich meant that e could go from idea to final result without having to ask anyones permission in between. That is no small game-changing revelation for an actor especially a female actor looking to play something other than the typical casting options of the girlfriend the love interest or the hooker with a heart of gold. Where did the idea for the series come from I knew I wanted to write a comedy and it occurred to me that I never get to perform with my redheaded friends. As I started researching for possible redhead-related plots three revelations hit me a real life edhead cholarship hich seemed rife ith comedic possibilities Tim Minchins Prejudice and Cathe- rine Tates Ginger Refuge. These showed me that when done well the subject of redheadedness could create comedy gold... while successfully commenting on deeper more complex soci- etal concepts. How did you go about assembling the team to make your idea a reality Im fortunate to know some really amazing artists and Im thankful that theyve chosen to go on this journey with me. The core creative team is made up of individuals Ive always talent- crushed on some of whom Im even privileged to consider my closest friends When it came to finding actors outside of our circle our casting director Kim Graham Homeland scouted every redheaded actor in NYC like she was Sherlock Holmes. Everyone else we interviewed or cajoled generously joined us for the adventure because they loved the idea the team or are a little crazy Those traits are not mutually-exclusive. What was the teams favorite episode to create The episodes were created out-of-order actually because we cross-boarded them we shot all scenes in any given loca- tion at once and then moved on to the next location regard- less of where in the season or episode the scene took place. It was very important to remind ourselves what storyline we were in at any given time The most memorable moments probably occurred during the all-night shoots in a bar and a grocery store but what happens on set stays on set. Unless you hear about it in a subsequent Behind the Scenes video on our YouTube channel... The cast with Director Daniel Seth. The Writers. 19 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 Who do you recommend check out the show who is the target audience Each episode tackles an issue just about every ginger can relate to so much so that when I approach red- headed strangers to tell them about the show they often turn out to already be a fan because someone else sent it to them Outside of our secret society of redheads -- so secret we redheads dont even know about it yet -- the series appeals to any comedy-lover who has ever felt li e a misfit or been stereotyped due to a physical trait. Though a very fun show Redheads Anony- mous touches on much larger issues such as beauty standards stereotypes bullying and tokenism. Could you elaborate on the shows stance on these subjects Hair may seem like an innocuous silly trait for a show subject but our international survey of redheads showed that it actually matters on a deeper level because its a visible and socially acceptable way to identify and dif- ferentiate people. That dichotomy gives us the freedom to comment on controversial issues such as tokenism and stereotyping all while keeping it light-hearted and fun. Whether standing up to a bully handling strangers who have opinions about how you look or who youre with or arming yourself for skin baring at the beach we want you to take the thing that makes you different and celebrate it. Whats next for Redheads Anony- mous Were slathering on the sunscreen and head- ing to Redhead Conventions across the globe ...Thats right those exist. Who knows what will happen when hundreds of gingers gather together as one No one will dare ask us does the carpet match the drapes ever again. How can our readers keep up with all things Redheads Anonymous ur first seasons five episodes binge watchable in just half an hour -- can be seen on our sho s ou ube page youtube com redheadsanon. If you subscribe there youll be alerted when new videos come out. Fans can also like us redheadsanon on Facebook fol- low us on Twitter Tumblr and Instagram and sign up for our email updates at www.redhead- as well. And finally are redheads actually having more fun than blondes While its safest to let blondes think theyre hav- ing more fun just between you and me and all of our viewers redheads are having a ball Behind the scenes of Episode 2. 20 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 Custom hula hoops fitness hoops art more 21 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 Youll Need Tinted moisturizerbb cream Concealer Bronzer Cream or powder blush stick with a pink bronzy undertone Liquid illuminator. If youre super oily use a powder instead Neutral brown eye shadow Mascara Powder Brush Eyeshadow Brush Brown eye liner Natural liptickgloss By Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Angela LaRose Photography by Harvey Branman Model Alexis Nichols Sunkissed Beach Makeup For all my summertime beach babes This look is simple beautiful and perfect for any beach babe The skin is the focus with this look using creams and illuminators to really make you shine Apply a tinted moisturizer bb cream on your skin. Using a brush or your fingertips. Blend into skin. Tip For extra glow mix in a drop of liquid illuminator into your tinted moisturizer or bb cream before applying makeup. Step 1 22 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 Step 2 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 3-4 Use a lighter concealer under your eyes and blend up over your cheekbones. You will notice how much brighter you look. Apply the illuminator to the high points of your face including your cheek bones nose top of your lip and the top of your eyebrows. Smile And apply blush onto the apples of your cheeks. You dont need much just enough to add a little color in your cheeks. Think sun kissed not made up Sweep of the brown eye shadow all over the lid using a fluffy shadow brush. Finish off with a little eyeliner mascara and gloss. 23 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 BY AERI ROSE O nce while tanking up at a gas station in the middle of deserts of New Mexico a hippie wanderer told me there were three things orth going into debt over education health and travel. Then he climbed back into his 1987 Chevy Van and drove a way trailed by a cloud of exhaust fumes and Bob Dylan tunes. While I agree that travel is one of the most important things to do during your life I dont think anyone should have to go into debt while adventuring. So this months topic is travel deals here and hen to find them The internet is a great resource for every kind of adventure. From planning transportation to activities to lodging all things can be learned online. Travelers LOVE talking about what theyve done so there are tons of great travel forums blogs and wiki sites just waiting to share their knowledge with you. For transportation two of my favorite sites are kayak. com and Kayak is my go to site for flight boo ing hey seem to consistently have the broadest selection and the lo est rates for flights nd they have this really awesome feature called Explore that I absolutely love playing with whenever I need to spend some time daydreaming about my next adventure. You pick your departure airport time frame and price range and it sho s you all the flights all over the orld that fit your requirements o say you have days and to spend on a flight in ovember aya xplore just told me that I could get from D.C. to Hong Kong Moscow Cairo Dublin Peru and more for that or less The possibilities are endless Or if you are more of a boat girl than a plane girl then maybe is more your style. Here you can find lots of cruise trips around the orld offered at a last minute discount rate. Crossing the Atlantic by boat is definitely on my buc et list and hen the time for that adventure comes I ill definitely be chec ing out If you are flexible on your time or season to travel try to find out hat your destinations off season is ften everything from flights to lodging to activities and meals is much less expensive in the off-season. Enjoy the solitude and beat the crowds- embrace the perk of traveling when most other tourists are at home. If when to travel is important when to buy is also important. Lots of research including an in-depth report by Expedia has been done on when exactly is the best time to book tickets. The majority agrees that buying tickets on Tuesday or Sunday is best and planning in advance can Where and When to Find the Best Travel Deals 24 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 a e ou e er ad t e urge to ust dro at ou ere doing ac a bag and set out on an ad enture i e ears and o er t o do en countries ater eri ose is roof t at e citement inde endence and disco er a ait t ose o are bo d enoug to sa es to ife s cra iest c oices. en not e oring t e or d it er itt e gre bac ac eri ose can be found i ing a nomadic ifest e tra e ing t e nited States as an artist and entre reneur. o fo o eri ose on a er ad entures c ec er out on ine at aerirose. com or tra e ing it or on aceboo at . faceboo .com aerirose. really pay off. Everyone agrees it is best to buy tickets at least three weeks in advance but research seems to think that 57 days in advance is the absolute best day to buy. Sometimes I dont know what I am doing 57 minutes in advance so 57 days seems like a real stretch to me. Yikes hese timing recommendations are definitely something to keep in mindbut dont be disheartened if you have to book that last minute trip. Remember- there are plenty of companies loo ing to fill empty spots at the last minute too o youve got your to and from figured out What will you do while youre there For this I believe in knowledge not reservations. Thinking about and researching potential plans is one of my favorite pre-trip preps. I like to know what to look for once I arrive but I dont like to be bound by schedules before I even get there. What happens if I meet this really cool person in the hostel lobby who is about to go on the most awesome adventure ever but I booked a ghost tour of the local art museum before I even arrived and I have to turn them down Totally lame For my pre-trip research I turn to travel community websites like Lonely Planet and in particular their Thorn Tree Forum as well as Wikitravel. These forums have great searchable databases where travelers have helped each other answer questions about everything from how to catch a public bus in Bolivia to when the best time to find the orthern ights in las a and everything in between. nd remember life and travel is often about the ourney rather than the destination. You can often save time or money but not both. So if youre down for an adventure and trying to save some dough dont look for the most efficient path hen there is a road less traveled to explore Take a bus rather than a train a boat rather than a plane and embrace the rewarding experience that this totally immersive slow travel can provide. 25 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 BY JULIE LUJANO A re you wondering where all the nice guys have gone Have you found yourself tryingtomeetsomeonenewbutcant find the time to run into r ight at a coffee shop or your best friends wedding You have probably explored many options but thought I dont know if I can try online dating. Well ladies dont let the taboo scare you off. Online dating is becoming increasingly popular and with increased popularity comes increased options. If youre reading this Im assuming that youre interested in meeting a genuine guy and actually dating him. If youre looking for a quick hook-up Im sure you dont need advice on ho to find one or those of you looking for a real connection with a nice respectful man pay attention eres your guide to finding a good man online. DO post several fun flattering photos of yourself. Dating sites say that you increase your odds of making a connection by posting photos. This is great advice but the type of picture you post is also important. A photo says a lot and you want to make sure it says the right thing. Make sure you look fun and approachable in your photos. Men enjoy seeing photos of the real you. Does that mean you cant put up a picture of your totally awesome Halloween costume No but it does mean that you should also have recent pictures that show you smiling naturally with your normal natural looking makeup and doing things you like to do. If you love going Online Dating for Women 10 DOS DONTS 26 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 out in full ma eup thats fine ou dont ant to pretend youre someone youre not but you may want to consider posting one picture that shows you a little less made up. xperiment by ma ing it your main profile picture and see if you get more messages. Remember to include a recent full body photo you want the guy to get a real sense of what you look like. DONT overtly display your assets while making a duck face. I cannot stress enough ho unflattering these pictures are. Yes we all know you are a beautiful sensual woman but dont make that the main focus. That will only attract guys who want to get you in bed. It is widely thought that men think about sex every seven seconds we really dont need to help them along. Its great to be sensual but dont get it in your head that you have to be sexy for men to show interest. A quality guy will want to know you and he will feel lucky that you are even responding to him. Hold on to that ladies because its the truth. DO fill out your profile with genuine interesting information about yourself. You would probably be annoyed if a man only typed ask me in the bout e section of his profile Well practice hat you preach a e your profile engaging but dont make it novel-length. Let the guys know what you like to do and what kind of person you are. Add a funny anecdote and make sure your headline represents you. Whatever you rite ma e sure it reflects your o n unique personality DONT hang out all your dirty laundry. Everyone likes a positive outlook so dont talk about your negative experiences with guys and dont post a disclaimer on your profile I no its frustrating to get Wanna have sex at the drive-in messages but you need to resist the urge to type at the top of your profile Dont contact me if all you want is sex Im tired of that crap Even though you think you are weeding out the jerks an aggressive statement like this might turn off a nice guy. He may respect it but the negative way in which it is delivered might leave a funny taste in his mouth. Instead focus on the things you DO want in a man riefly describe the qualities you are loo ing for and hopefully you will draw in a sweet guy who sees himself in your words DO demand respect for yourself. When it comes to messaging bear this in mind ust because he messages you doesnt mean you have to respond. You are a lovely woman with much to offer and you ill find that this attracts all sorts of men Some potential suitors just wont be your cup of tea. For the guy that just wants to get laid know that you dont have to respond. They often see any response as encouragement If you find a guy that you do li e be engaging hen you respond ead his profile and show an interest. Messaging is a two way street. Here is a bonus tip e are of the olf in sheeps clothing -- good-looking charming but only wants to sleep with you ont be fooled by his profile hich says all the right things. If this charmer messages you about sex right away thats a good sign that thats all he wants. Make the judgment call for yourself but be aware of this pitfall. DONT belittle the guy for trying. If a guy messages you and youre not interested dont reply with yeah right If he is respectful towards you be respectful back. You can let him down easily without being rude. If a guy sends you a rude message just ignore him. Dont waste your fabulousness on a loser who doesnt deserve you. Dont worry about teaching him a lesson either. If he hasnt learned it by now an angry message from you wont change anything. Besides if you do respond with a hateful message he might send an equally hurtful message back that can mess with your head. Even if his opinion doesnt matter to you hateful words have a way of worming themselves into our heads and poking holes in our self-esteem. Dont go there. Just ignore him. continued.... 27 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 u ie u ano is a o er of music art boo s and man ot er creati e manifestations. S e i es in Sacramento ere s e nerds out in coffee s o s c orus and irtua boo c ubs. or more of u ie s musings go to tt u ano.tumb DO keep an open mind. Try new things and see where they take you. One girl told me she never dated short guys but decided to take a chance on a funny guy who was a little shorter than she was. She ended up dating him a while and still remembers him as the wittiest guy she has ever met. You never know who you can meet or what fun things you can do when you let your guard down a little. DONT be careless with your information. Dont send naked pictures to a man youve just met online. Revenge porn websites are in full force and you dont know this guy well enough to trust him with that kind of sensitive material. You also need to be careful with your personal information. Dont give a guy your phone number or email address right a ay and definitely dont give him your address You need to be mindful of your safety. That is not to say that every man is out to hurt you -- they are not. Just be aware so you can still have fun dating. So you have been messaging a guy and you are ready to give him your number and go on a date Yay Whats next DONT allow him to only text you. When a guy only wants to text you that can be a bad sign. Texting allows him to talk to many women at once. Have some respect for yourself. Set up a phone call and ma e a solid plan for your first date If youre not used to tal ing on the phone it might be a little a ard at first but youll get better with more practice. DO show up for the date. If you agree to go on a date you should show up. There is something to be said for someone who keeps their word. If the guy is brave enough to ask a fabulous woman like you out then that shows a lot about his character. Well ladies we made it to the end. If you follow these basic guidelines youll be sure to find yourself tal ing to a nice guy or two or three in no time And hopefully if you play your cards right youll meet someone you can see yourself seriously dating. Until then keep the confidence high and be yourself 28 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 BY ANJEZA ANGIE GEGA The development of society has touched not just technology and biometrics but also humanssense of community. The 21st century pressed an increase in not just self-development but also in that of sharing and uplifting each other. One way to do this is through giving bac to society by donating financially emotionally and with time. A legal way to remain consistent and truly make a difference is associating yourself with a non- profit organization you believe is doing a truthful or But what is a nonprofit organization A nonprofit organization NPO also known as a non- business entity1 is an organization that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission rather than distributing its surplus income to the organizations directors. ome nonprofits are community serving and others are member serving. Member-serving organizations include mutual societies cooperatives trade unions credit unions industry associations sports clubs retired servicemans clubs and pea bodies organizations that benefit a particular group of people the members of the organization. Typically community-serving organizations are focused on providing services to the community in general either globally or locally organizations delivering human services programs or projects aid and development programs medical research education and health services and so on. The desire to make a difference by serving your community is crucial but is just the beginning of a persistent journey to reach results nonprofit organization requires approval status also known as a 501 c3 status which exempts the company from paying taxes. A lot of paper work is involved as well. Coming from an individual that is also a founderCEO of her o n nonprofit I suggest you find a team that sees your vision and wants to assist you in making a difference. You will need dedicated people with high morals that will invest their time in assisting a desired change. Being born and raised in a third world country such as Albania where poverty dictatorship lack of education and abuse was very prevalent I grew up with the desire to one day be the girl that went through it survived and then would be the hand to pull others to overcome similar situations as well. I didnt know how or when but I knew it would happen. And so with very little money set aside for it I took the leap of faith and started researching to start my o n nonprofit The process was exhausting especially because I attempted to do everything by myself and not pay an estimated 2000 in fees to la yers or other institutions for assistance I filled out my own 1023 form learned how to write my own bylaws description of the company applied for articles of corporation Secretary of State Federal State and so many other steps that I dont remember to be honest because they would be thrown to me every time I thought I was ready to submit.A fee of 400 was also paid to the IRS and required for consideration for approval as a nonprofit hat being said the process ould not have been such a headache if I had simply trusted everything to websites like that can do all that work in an exchange for a fee but that fee was too high for me at the time. The persistence and hard work paid off and in less then a year BECHLEM Corporation was approved on September 4 2014. Once you get a tax exempt status the next step is to organize fundraisers and bring the program to life reach access to venues sponsors corporations that want to partner with your organization etc. BECHLEMs goal is to provide our children with knowledge and encouragement towards a self discovery process that will lead to better choices. This program includes but is not limited to music dance film art producing health and ellness hrough this knowledge our goal is that children will discover a passion and a talent that requires a positive commitment and discipline. he process of getting a nonprofit up on its feet is not easy but it is doable. Giving back and serving a community in need however is priceless. The world needs more compassion desperately. Through the uniting power of organizations like nonprofits e can ma e a huge difference in increasing self confidence motivation and in healing this orld and ma ing it a better place. The blessings we are packed with are magical... We ust have to shine let shine or help find others to plug their given abilities into the right outlet. ________________________________________________ it a degree in communications a bac ground in s c o og and an ins irationa boo a read ub is ed n e a ngie ega assures us t at t e core to ma ing a difference in eo e s ife is moti ation and ins iration. o o ing and s aring t e current e being and ea t trends as a o ed er to do ust t at. o ee u it aut or n e a ngie ega c ec out er ebsite at How I Started My Own Nonprofit Group and You CanToo II II I I III II I II II BechlemA brighter tomorrow for our kids. How I Started My Own Nonprofit Group and You CanToo II II I I III II I II II Bechchc lelel memeA brighter tomorrow for our kids. 29 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 30 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 We would love to hear from you Send your reader questions and comments to and you cou could be in our next issue M ore t h a n a n y t h i n g L a ci P a i g e a u t h or of t h e S i l k en E d g e S eri es en j oy s sp en d i n g t i m e w i t h h er fa m i l y . S h e a n d h er h u sb a n d su p p ort t h ei r ch i l d ren on t h e so cce r p i t ch a n d off. L a ci en j oy s t h e ou t d oors t ra v el a n d of co u rse rea d i n g a n d w ri t i n g a n d ch oco l a t e . T h ei r fa m i l y l i v es i n H a m p t on R oa d s V i rg i n i a w h ere L a ci s a d u l t m u se w a k es u p l a t e a t n i g h t . F ol l ow L a ci on fa ce book a t h t t p w w w . fa ce book . co m a u t h orl a ci p a i g e a n d t w i t t er a t h t t p s t w i t t er. co m l a ci _ p a i g e. QABy Laci Paige Q I love getting manicures and pedicures but they are just really out of my budget right now. A ny helpful hints for upkeep on my own at an affordable price A One fun way is to have girls night once a month and invite your friends over to your house. P op open a bottle of wine soak your feet and bust out the nail polish. Otherwise Ive recently been introduced to vinyl nail wraps. You can usually yield 2 pedis 2 manis and 8 accent nails per sheet making the cost a fraction of what youd pay at a salon. Ive tried several kinds of wraps and the best by far is by Jamberry. D epending on how fast your nails grow a mani can last 2 -3 weeks and a pedi 4 -6 weeks. Theyre environmentally safe and they carry many designs that appeal to different personalities. https Q With all the popularity of the movie and book 5 0 S h a d es of G rey Im interested in learning and maybe trying some B D SM. D o you have any suggestions of websites or books to read and get an introduction A The two books Id recommend for a newbie are S M 1 0 1 A R ea l i s t i c I n t rod u c t i on by Jay Wiseman and S c rew t h e R os es S en d M e t h e T h orn s by P hillip Miller Molly D evon. These books are very well written and by people who have years of experience in the lifestyle. I wouldnt recommend a website for someone new to B D SM there are too many posers out there and Id be afraid of misinformation causing safety issues so be very wary of what you read online. E verything with B D SM should be SSC safe sane consensual . A ttending a local munch would also e eneficial. munch is a casual social gathering usually at a restaurant bar coffee shop where people in the lifestyle get together and socializ e theyre also there for those that are curious and have questions. M y S i l k en E d g e series touches on people in the lifestyle and Im not shy so Ill tell you that I research what I write about and that includes hands-on research. Ive also attended writers workshops and conventions specifically on S . If you have uestions you may contact me and Id be happy to help as best I can. A nyone who contacts me for any reason Ill send you one of my S i l k en eB ooks for free. 31 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 This delicious summer cake is made extra good with fresh strawberries and rhubarb straight from the garden or the farmers market. Ingredients 190 g 1 12 cup flour 40 g 34 cup sliced coconut or shredded if you prefer 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 14 teaspoon fine salt 225 g 1 cup butter or avocado oil for a healthier choice 220 g 1 cup granulated sugar 2 eggs 10 strawberries cut in half 2-3 rhubarbs cut into cubes 1 tablespoons granulated sugar Directions Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. In a mixing machine add melted butteroil and sugar and mix with whisk attachment until lighter and fluffy. Add one egg at a time and mix well in between each. Change attachment from whisk to paddle and add half the flour stir slowly until combined and add the rest. Wash the fruits and cut strawberries in half and the rhubarb in cubes. Heat the oven to 180 C 350 F. In a 24 cm 9 inch spring pan place a piece of parchment paper in the bottom and coat the bottom and sides with butteroil. Pour 13 of the batter into the spring pan spread out to cover most of the bottom. Place strawberries with the cut side down all over the pan. Pour the rest of the batter in and spread out to cover the strawberries. Place the rhubarb pieces on top and gently press them down into the batter. They dont have to be covered in batter. Sprinkle the sugar over top and bake in the oven for 55-65 minutes. Test with a toothpick too see if the cake is done. Stick it in the cake and if it comes out clean the cake is ready. Let it cool for a little bit before serving with ice cream whipped cream or simply as is. Delicious -Enjoy RECIPES StrawberryRhubarbandCoconutCake Delicious Recipe by Ayoe and Bob Lai 32 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 Youve just put the nishing touches on your book... ction non-ction or childrens book and now you want to be published. At Rocket Science Productions well personally help you through the maze... giving your work the attention it deserves and giving you full control of the publishing process and prots. To arrange for a FREE personal consultation email us at LLC 33 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 35 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 QImadethemistakeofstartingtodatea goodfriendandneedtowindthingsdown now.Shesagreatgirlbutafterseeingher romanticallythelastfewweeksIknowIjust wantmyfriendback.HowdoItellherthat withoutcompletelywreckingourfriendship AWhatwouldvebeenidealistohavethe what-if-this-doesnt-work-outconversationbe- forebecomingromanticallyinvolved.Since youreaskinghowtotellherImguessingyou didnt.Sadlyitsunlikelythatyoutwocanhave whatyouhadbefore.Myadviceistositdown withherandhavetheawkwarddiscussion abouthowmuchyoumissherfriendshipand explainwhy.Justbehonestyouneverknow maybeshefeelsthesameway. QIvebeenstrugglingwiththisthepast fewyearsbutnowImsurethatImgay. HowdoIcomeouttothosearoundmewith- outmakingitseemlikeabigdeal AFirstcongratulationsonfindingyour- selfSecondtellthoseclosesttoyoufirst.I wouldnttextoremailthenewstothemun- lessyouhonestlycanttelltheminperson.If itsthatdifficultforyoutodojustexplainit tothemandwhyyouchosetocomeoutviaa message.Ifyouwanttotelltheminperson dependingonthepersonalitiesofyourfriends youcouldjustinvitethemalloverformovie nightandcasuallymentionit.Youcouldgo forthecomedicHeyguysImgaydoyou wantanypopcornOrsitthemdownandask themhowtheyfeelaboutgaysandgofrom theredependingonthefeedbackyoureceive. Ifyourfriendsaretoowideonthepersonality spectrumthenyoumighthavetotellthem insmallgroupsorindividually.Youracquain- tanceswilleventuallyfindoutintimeand afterinformingyourclosefriendsandfamily youcouldupdateyoursocialmediastatusto itscomplicated.Thatmightpromptques- By LaciPaige tionsoryoucouldpostitinyouraboutme section.Intheendnomatterhowyouchoose totellpeopleifyoukeepitsimpleanddont makeabigdealaboutittheyprobablywont either. MorethananythingLaciPaigeauthoroftheSilkenEdge Seriesenjoysspendingtimewithherfamily.Sheandherhus- bandsupporttheirchildrenonthesoccerpitchandoff.Laci enjoystheoutdoorstravelandofcoursereadingandwrit- ingandchocolate.TheirfamilylivesinHamptonRoads VirginiawhereLacisadultmusewakesuplateatnight.Fol- lowLacionfacebookathttpwww.facebook.comauthor- lacipaigeandtwitterathttpstwitter.comlaci_paige. 34 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015 Awomanhastwinsandgivesthemupforadoption.Oneofthem goestoafamilyinEgyptandisnamedAhmal.Theothergoesto afamilyinSpaintheynamehimJuan. YearslaterJuansendsapictureofhimselftohisbirthmother. Uponreceivingthepictureshetellsherhusbandthatshewishes shealsohadapictureofAhmal. HerhusbandrespondsTheyretwinsIfyouveseenJuanyouve seenAhmal. Adyslexicmanwalksintoabra. IbetwhenCheetahsraceandoneofthemcheatstheotherone goesManyouresuchaCheetahandthentheylaughandeata zebraorwhatever. DocIcantstopsingingTheGreenGreenGrassofHome. ThatsoundslikeTomJonesSyndrome. Isitcommon ItsNotUnusual. Twocowsarestandingnexttoeachotherinafield. DaisysaystoDollyIwasartificiallyinseminatedthismorning. IdontbelieveyousaysDolly. ItstruenobullexclaimsDaisy. 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