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FLiPfor REPAIRYOURBADCREDIT BeingSingleHowtoBeOkay FEBRUARY2016 2 www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 3 4 ..D2015 Letter From the Editor Hello FLiP Magazine Readers- We are all well into 2016 now and there is no turning back-but why would you want to anyway The new year is off to a great start and you are hitting the ground running we hope And if not our latest issue is here to re-steer you on the right path. Our Tutorial Time articles on Strobing and Push Up Plank to Oblique Mountain Climber will keep you looking great while you work to achieve your goals using articles like Slow Travel-Being About the Journey and How To Repair Your Credit to be the independent financially free people you want to be We even have an introductory article to feng shui your space with Bringing Positive Feng Shui Energy to Your Home through Art. Plus Valentines Day is upon us and FLiP is here to help you prepare for the day whether it be with finding the perfect gift for a loved one in your life by using our article Priceless Valentines Day Ideas to guide your shopping or craft endeavors or taking the time to appreciate and honor yourself with Whats in a Name-How To Be Okay Being Single. Afterall until you are fully whole on your own there isnt much to offer or gain from a partner. And we cant forget our covers the newly crowned Miss Asia USA Ashley Park opens up about keeping her Korean culture alive at home stateside for the W side while our publisher Frank Monahan catches up with RB songstress Morgan James on the M side to learn more about her life on the road and on Broadway. There is so much more to enjoy this issue and I hope youll flip on through to see for yourselves As always if you think you might have a subject article editorial or event that could interest us please feel free to reach me at I hope this latest issue inspires encourages and fulfills you as much as it does all of us here at FLiP Magazine. So what are you waiting for Flip on through the pages of FLiP Magazine Alexis Nichols FLiP Magazine Editor in Chief Photo By Steph Girard EDITOR IN CHIEF Alexis Nichols PUBLISHER Frank Monahan ART DIRECTOR Rebekkah Dreskin PHOTOGRAPHERS Harvey Branman Shana Lemos Haeng Nam Kin Vong ON THE COVER MODEL Ashley Park PHOTOGRAPHER Shana Lemos 6 18 24 10 14 Ceits ... How to be oKbeing Single 22 Feng Shui 26 BIKRAM YOGA 30 Miss Asia USA 2015 Ashley ParkCOVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL COVER GIRL FLiP Magazine was lucky enough to catch up with the recently crowned Miss Asia USA ASHLEY PARK and learn all about how she came into her title acting experience and more 6 ..F2016 ASHLEY PARKBy Alexis Nichols Photography by Shana Lemos Haeng Nam and Kin Vong 7 What inspired you to get involved with pageantry Initially I was approached by a former Mrs. Asia USA titleholder. She thought I would be a potentially good fit for the Miss Asia USA competition. But I had never considered pageantry so I was hesitant from the very beginning. However after speaking with the pageant director Virgelia Villegas of Virgelia Productions I decided to accept the honor. I was given the title of Miss Korea USA 2015 and had the privilege of representing Korea throughout the past year and at the 2015 Miss Asia USA pageant. Was this your first pageant or have you been doing this for some time Miss Asia USA was my first pageant experience. This was also my first time to train for a performance on a big stage so I had a lot to learn. As an actress I am used to the camera but the stage is an entirely new ball game. The attention to detail required in a pageant is truly indescribable. Luckily the coaches and sta at Virgelia Productions were very instrumental in helping us all prepare properly for the night of the competition. Might you have any advice for girls aspiring to do pageants As delegates for Miss Asia USA we went through a rigorous weekly training program to prepare for the competition. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Virgelia Productions is currently accepting applications for the 2016 Miss Asia USA and Miss Latina Global pageants this November and I can honestly say that they put on unbelievably beautiful shows. My advice would be to train harder than you think you need to. If you put in the work youll be ready for anything that is thrown at you when you step onto the stage. How did you prepare to earn the title of Miss Korea USA 2015 I worked with wonderful coaches and I practiced a lot on my own. I had never been on a big stage before so I knew I had to be ready for anything. And I was I felt so comfortable on stage. In elementary school my dad made me memorize a quote that I believe sums it all up The one way to the top is by persistent intelligent hard work. When they announced you as the winner for Miss Asia USA what was the first thing that went through your mind It was surreal. I think my face in all the photos taken at the pageant probably sums up my feelings at that moment I was in complete shock which was eventually overtaken with some hybrid of shock and joy. Pageants have been in the forefront of the news recently with Steve Harvey crowning the wrong contestant for the Miss Universe pageant. What are your thoughts on that And how would you have handled it had you found yourself in a similar situation Its very dicult to say how I would have handled it. Its easy to speculate and say what I would have done in any given situation but I honestly dont know. It was very unfortunate for everyone involved and I felt for both contestants. We are all human and mistakes are made. As an actress I am incredibly used to handling disappointment so Id like to think I would have handled it with a positive disposition. ..D2015 What brought on your interest in acting I loved to perform for my family as a child so I suppose it makes sense that I returned to my first love later in life. I was an intern at Seventeen Magazine in NYC when I stumbled upon an acting school. Honestly the rest is history. Its like everything clicked into place when I walked into that school. What was it like working on the popular soap show Days of Our Lives It was a wonderful experience. The actors were incredibly kind and welcoming and I enjoyed working on such an ecient set. Soaps require incredibly talented actors casting directors and crew and I have so much respect for everyone who works on them. We see you are working on a project with another former FLIP W magazine cover model Tracey Birdsall called Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter. What can you tell us about that film and working with her Tracey is an incredibly talented actress and is a blast to work with. She stars as Sienna in Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter directed by Neil Johnson and if youve seen the stills that have been released recently she looks incredible in all of them. Robot Fighter is a desert sci-fi in the vein of Mad Max and Star Wars. I love this wave of futuristic sci-fi movies that have been taking Hollywood by storm as of late and I was lucky enough to book two sci-fi films this past year. What has been your favorite project youve worked on thus far I couldnt possibly say Ive enjoyed almost every opportunity Ive been given thus far. Some projects Ive worked on may stand out above others but I absolutely love being on set so just about every experience has been wonderful in its own way. Perhaps I could say that the Miss Asia USA pageant stands out to me as one of my favorites simply because I think I came out of it a stronger better person. Growing up in Little Rock Arkansas how did you keep your Korean culture alive Luckily I always had an interest in language. I was an avid reader as a child and I spent a lot of time speaking Korean with my mom. I still do I also grew up on a diet that consisted of many Korean delicacies. My mom is an amazing cook and I got to enjoy many amazing Korean meals while listening to her incredible stories of growing up in Korea. We understand you are quite the athlete would you tell us about actors casting directors and crew and I have so much respect for everyone We see you are working on a project with another former FLIP W magazine cover model Tracey Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter. What can you tell us about that film and Tracey is an incredibly talented actress and is a blast to work with. She stars as Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter directed by Neil Johnson and if youve seen the stills that have been released recently she looks incredible in all could say that the Miss Asia USA pageant stands out to me as one of my favorites simply because I think I came out of it a stronger better person. Growing up in Little Rock Arkansas how did you keep your Korean culture alive Luckily I always had an interest in language. I was an avid reader as a child and I spent a lot of time speaking Korean with my mom. I still do I also grew up on a diet that consisted of many Korean delicacies. My mom is an amazing cook and I got to enjoy many amazing Korean meals What brought on your interest in acting I loved to perform for my family as a child so I suppose it makes sense that I returned to my first love later in life. I was an intern at Seventeen Magazine in NYC when I stumbled upon an acting school. Honestly the rest is history. Its like everything clicked into place when I What was it like working on the popular It was a wonderful experience. The actors were incredibly kind and welcoming and I enjoyed working on such an ecient set. Soaps require incredibly talented as of late and I was lucky enough to book two sci-fi films this past year. What has been your favorite project youve worked on thus far I couldnt possibly say Ive enjoyed almost every opportunity Ive been given thus far. Some projects Ive worked on may stand out above others but I absolutely love being on set so just Ashley Park Miss Asia USA 2015 8 ..F2016 how you keep in shape Yes I was mainly an endurance athlete and focused my attention on cross country track and swimming. Although I certainly dont run nearly as much as I used to I do still love to run as a way to stay in shape. Once a runner always a runner I still do quite a bit of endurance training but I stick to cross training more so than running. I love to mix up my workouts so I rarely do the same thing. Its a great way to shock your body. In a recent interview you said I think that actors and actresses of Asian descent have traditionally been somewhat under-represented in American film and television. That is slowly starting to change and I hope to be one of the pioneers to help move the trend forward even if only in some small way. We love that idea How do you plan to be a part of that movement Simply by working hard. I believe actresses of Asian descent myself included have to prove that we belong in the forefront of film and television. This movement of diversity is finally starting to take Hollywood by storm and I couldnt be happier. It fuels me to persevere and to take every opportunity I receive to the next level. We cant wait to see and hear more from you Where are the best places our readers can connect with you online My website is and IMDB is always a great place to see what projects Im working on at any given time. I have quite a few projects being released this year and I am preparing to shoot a few more in the coming months. The best places to connect with me directly would probably be Instagram or Twitter at xoashleypark. c www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 9 ..F2016 ... for skincare products to be labeled organic ... only 70 percent of the ingredients used have to be certied organic. FACIAL CREAMS TONERS SCRUBS SOAPS PEELS and the list could honestly go on. It amazes me how much we will spend in the name of better skin or clear skin but is what we are purchasing safe Its a harmless assumption to believe that the FDA regulations govern how our products are labeled right Wrong Did you know that in the US cosmetic companies are not regulated to include everything that is included in your facial products In fact in order for skincare products to be labeled organic that only 70 percent of the ingredients used have to be certified organic. That leaves an incredible 30 percent filled with synthetic chemicals toxins and fra- grances which are all linked but not limited to skin issues cancers birth defects and hormonal imbalances THE TRUTH ABOUT SKINCARE The skin is the largest organ we have and it is extremely permeable. Certain chemicals and toxins invade the skin in high amounts. The skin behaves more like a sponge than a barrier. Ive included some of the most common syn- thetic chemical and toxins added to some of the most popular skincare products despite their harmful capacity. Simple DIY Skincare Tricks By Jackie Learmond Phthalates A plasticizer chemical and hormone disruptor linked to breast cancer and early puberty in girls. Triclosan A pesticide that can affect the bodys hormone systems especially thyroid hormones and may disrupt normal breast development. Parabens A group of compounds used as an antifungal agent and preservatives are absorbed through the skin and have been through biopsy samples linked to breast tumors. FragranceperfumeBecausetheyreconsidered trade secrets fragrances fall into an enormous loophole where cosmetic and skincare companies are not required to acknowledge the several chemicals used to create that scent. Some of these chemicals include formaldehyde and 14-dioxane. Petrolatum Mineral oils and paran are all petroleum byproducts and have no business on your face much less your body. Heres my skincare GOLDEN RULE What you put IN your body shows through to the outside what you put ON your skin will affect it inside The more we know the better we can care for ourselves. And the best way to knowwhatgoesintoourskincare products is to make it ourselves. Thats right So with all that being said Ive included some really amazing do-it-yourself at home simple skincare tricks. Kiwi Greek Yogurt Honey Facial Mask There are high amounts of Vitamin C and E in kiwi which keeps the skin moisturized and well conditioned. The pulp is used for the regeneration of skin cells and collagen to aid in youthful skin. Greek yogurt is loaded with probiotics to treat and rid your skin of pimples and blemishes. Honey is a humectant that contains antibacterial agents that destroy bacteria. 1 C crushed kiwi pulp C Greek yogurt 2 Tbsp honey 2 Tbsp saower oil Mix all ingredients and place on your face for 15 minutes. With a warm cloth clean face. Pumpkin Facial Mask Pumpkins contain Vitamins A C K and E potassium iron and beta-carotenes. Pumpkins heal skin and clears blemishes. Also contains zinc which helps control hormone levels and oil production. 2 Tbsp cooked pumpkin cooled 1 Tsp raw honey 1 Tsp apple cider vinegar Mash pumpkins and mix well with honey and apple cider vinegar. Apply to face for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Side note this is great for acne prone skin oily skin and dull skin Oatmeal Acne Pimple Scrub 2 Tbsp oatmeal 1 Tsp cinnamon 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 Tbsp honey Oatmeal will cleanse the skin of oil. Cinnamon is an antiseptic that will help reduce the bacteria on your face and even help dry out existing pimples. It also stimulates blood flow oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Mix all ingredients together and apply to the face scrubbing softly in a circular motion. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. Honey and Brown Sugar Scrub C brown sugar slightly warm honey In a small bowl stir sugar and warm honey and in a circular motion rub on face. With lukewarm water rinse off after 5 minutes. Side note this is especially great for dry skin and lips ..F2016 11 FACIAL SCRUBSMASKS 12 ..F2016 Rosewater Ice Cubes C rosewater C purified water A handful of freshly cleaned rose petals An ice cube tray or mold An Icelandic practice used to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes. Begin by filling the mold with rosewater then place a couple petals of roses then fill with rosewater. Place in the freezer until ready. This is also a great trick to use before wearing makeup. It tightens the skin allowing it to be a great primer. Rosewater Toner r 1 C rosewater C witch hazel A handful of spearmint leaves Bruise the mint leaves slightly then add rosewater and allow to sit for at least 20 minutes allowing the oils from the mint leaves to mix with the rosewater. Pour the witch hazel in and shake well. This is perfect for use after washing your face. Well there you have it Simple skincare tricks that you can do yourself and the beauty is knowing what you are actually putting on your skin. No harsh chemicals toxins or secret ingredients you dont know about. If there is a skin complication that you need a skincare trick to or questions please feel free to ask away. FACIAL TONERS Now my favorite.ROSES Rosewater is a natural astringent and aids in tightening the skin. Its healing prop- erties reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin. In other words ladies and gents rosewater is the fountain of youth. Rosewater is perfect for those looking to even out their complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also a great cleanser that peels away dirt and trapped grit and oils from skin flakes. Used alone it makes a great facial mist during the day especially in drier climates. Or for use after rinsing off a mask or scrub. Jackie Learmond is an actress in the upcoming web series New Yorkers Guide to LaLa Land set to premiere late spring. In addition as an herbalist Jackie has founded Dear Powder Room a natural and homemade soap and skincare line dedicated to providing honest and pronounceable ingredients available for purchase early April. ..F2016 13 14 ..F2016 Did you know that the average airplane travels approximately 550 miles per hour at a cruising altitude of 36000 feet above sea level Thats pretty high and pretty fast. But heres a question on your next trip while traveling 550 mph 36000 feet above sea level how many new experiences will you have If you are an avid traveler and a frequent flyer probably not many. How many new people will you meet Maybe two if youre the type to strike up a conversation with your seatmates. Put that way the fast and efficient travel by air doesnt seem very great at expanding your life experiences does it Not particularly. Thats why this months article is all about slow travel and enjoying the act of traveling as much as the destinations themselves. Dont believe me Here are five reasons why you should try to incorporate slow travel into your next adventure. 1. DELIGHTING THE SENSES First o what IS slow travel Slow travel is seeing more by seeing less. It does away with the tours that oer a mad dash overview of a place of stopping just long enough at each site to snap a photo in front of this famous building or that ancient sculpture before rushing o to the next attraction. No slow travel moves at a relaxed pace. It is walking or biking in a city it is taking the train or the boat to the next destination and it is quietly observing and absorbing the beauty that surrounds you. How often have you traveled the same routes at home barely registering the changing scenery on your daily routine With fast travel it is easy to pack that ambivalence and take it along with you. With slow travel you can leave those blinders at home. Open your senses to your surroundings. Explore the plants on your trip. What colors are they How do they smell Listen. Is this city full of street performers Are the bird songs dierent from park to park Has the enticing scent of a corner bakery attracted your nose Go in and have a snack. Taste something new and decadent. With slow travel your trip will be a delight for all your senses. 2. MEETING NEW FRIENDS AND TRAVEL ANGELS As mentioned above slow travel is about exploring all modes of transportation and taking roads less taken. Sometimes that means youll get lost. It does. Trust me. But thats OK Because with slow travel you dont have to have a schedule. So youre never lost youre never running late youre just taking a dierent route. And despite what language or alphabet youre trying to decipher the expression for bemused confusion is pretty universal. So if youre feeling uncertain dont be afraid to ask for help Ask for directions. Ask for advice when ordering a meal or planning a day trip. The kindness of strangers is a real and wonderful thing and often locals will happily oer advice directions or recommendations. I have lost count of the number of times travel angels have come to my assistance when alone and lost. They have hailed me cabs driven me across town to catch ferries helped me order and protected my luggage. Some I met only once and some Im friends with to this day. SLOW TRAVEL B E I N T H E J O U R N E Y BY A ER I ROS E ..F2016 15 3. IMMERSING YOURSELF IN NEW CULTURES Did you know that in China some travelers pay for a train ticket with no seat They stand in the aisles or sit on a stool they bring along with them. Often travelers with seats will take turns in the aisle oering their seats to these other travelers. Did you know that on the days long train journey across the Russian Siberia you can always nd someone in the meal car willing to play cards. Or that at every stop there are old ladies selling delicious fresh piroshki and smoked sh Did you know that in Morocco it is common to share a cab with strangers if you are both going in the same general direction Travel is an important part of any culture. So to truly immerse yourself in a new country you should make every attempt to try to travel like the locals do. You are really denying yourself a gratifying and enlightening experience if your only travel experience is the ight in and the cab to your resort. 4. BOLSTERING YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE While living in Hangzhou China I discovered that the most dicult thing to master was the public bus system. Bus stops had giant maps with complex bus routes smeared with Chinese characters. Even the numbers were written in Hanzi rather than Arabic numbers. It took weeks of riding busses just to see where they led getting unbelievably lost and eventually hailing a cab home in exasperation until I nally got a halfway reasonable understanding of the system. It was an incredible victory the day that I nally rode the bus from my apartment across town to the imports grocery store without getting lost. That French cheese was victory cheese. I was powerful clever and self-reliant. I had conquered that bus Never mind that I got lost again the next day. Because I knew that I could gure it out eventually. And that is a great feeling. 5. FINDING HIDDEN GEMS AND SURPRISE DISCOVERIES I know it is tempting to chase after each ancient tourist site infamous restaurant and trendy bar recommended by Lonely Planet Trip Advisor and WikiTravel. But do you know why those trendy Ihope Ive convinced you. Slow travel is wonderful travel. It is delightful relaxing enlightening and inspiring. But dont take my word for it. On your next trip try to slow it down a bit and be amazed by all the incredible experiences youll have. I guarantee it. places got discovered in the rst place Because some travel writer out there knows that the real secret to exploration is to wander the less beaten paths looking for the hidden gems. Be your own trip advisor You go nd those surprise discoveries and then you can be the clever traveler that impresses all your friends with little known wonderful recommendations. excitement independence and discovery await those who are bold enough to say yes to lifes craziest choices. When not exploring the world with her little grey backpack Aeri Rose an be found living a nomadic lifestyle traveling the United States as an artist and entrepreneur. To follow Aeri on all her adventures check her out online at or on Facebook at www.facebook.comaerirose. were doing pack a bag and set out on an adventure Seven years and over two dozen countries later Aeri Rose is proof that Have you ever had the urge to just drop what you STROBING 101 T U T O R I A L T I M E 16 ..F2016 Gone are the days of heavily frosted cheeks and disco-like sheen. Thanks to new rened textures highlighting or strobing as it is commonly referred can make an impact while retaining its wearability. Lets get glowing By Sheridan Hayley httpsheridansoderstrom.wix.comshartistry Photography By Harvey Branman Model Alexis Nichols YOULL NEED A FAN BRUSH A FLUFFY DOMED EYESHADOW BRUSH POWDER HIGHLIGHTER 1. Start with a solid base. This includes having your foundation bued your concealer set and your powder in place. 2. Once the basics are complete you may move on to additional parts of your routine such as blush and bronzer. Adding color to the face will create more dimension and marry beautifully with the highlight. 3. Next it is time to select a highlighter of your choice. Cream and liquid luminizers are fantastic however I typically opt for powders due to the longevity of wear. Tip Take note of your undertone and choose a highlighter that will atter your skin tone. A shade that works on everyone A neutral champagne. 4. Take your fan brush and lightly dip into the product. Locate the highest part of the cheek and sweep across. Once you have the desired intensity proceed to the other side. Tip If you are oily avoid taking the highlighter too far in towards the nose as it can make you appear shiny. 5. Highlighting the eyes is a great way to tie an eye look together as well as create a well-rested eect. Take your uy eye brush and brush the product on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. 6. If you want to emphasize a sexy pout take the same eye brush or even your nger and pat above the cupids bow. For even more fullness take the highlighter and dab some on the center of your bottom lip for volume. www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 17 More than we know we are conditioned psychologically by the pictures on our walls. They talk to us every moment we are in our houses. If youve been living alone for a long time theres a good chance you have art that has a single object in it like one flower instead of a pair or bunch of flowers. Maybe you have a beautiful picture of the beach with one woman or one man stretched out on a striped towel basking in the sun. Nice yes but unless you are Mother Goose and need time alone this picture reinforces yourself as a single person. If you are married having paintings of any single entity reinforces the individual not the couple. This applies to wildlife photos or paintings too not just humans. For instance you may have a picture of a leopard reclining in a tree. Wonderful image but again it reflects a single entity. If you have a photo or painting of two leopard cubs playing in a field that brings good energy and fun to the couple who live in the house. Pairs are the key to reinforce a couples togetherness. I had a client whose husband worked several states away from where they lived and they only saw each other a few days a month. Not easy to keep a marriage strong with so much separation. I noticed when I first visited their house that there were pairs of objects in every room. They didnt know anything about feng shui but unconsciously when they purchased things they always bought two of them such as two cookie jars just alike two red vases a painting of a couple dancing or two identical cardinal bird pictures. They obviously saw themselves as a couple no matter what the circumstances. Its healthy to have a balance some art reflecting who you are as an individual mixed with other pieces that reflect the personality of you and your significant other as a team. Heres a photo of an art piece that is perfect statement of a healthy relationship two beautiful bowls each a bit different in design reflecting the individual personality yet the same in size and shape reflecting similar goals as a couple. If you were to have this photograph in your house along with other reinforcing positive art of pairs of people objects or wildlife the relationship would tend to stay balanced and equal. In fact the name of this piece is Marriage in Form Set by Bob Stocksdale and Sekimachi at Yale University Art Gallery. Bringing Positive Feng Shui Energy to Your Home through Art By Gail Reaben Waterfall by Jeff Sheldon Marriage in Form Set by Bob Stocksdale and Sekimachi 18 www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 Another piece of art excellent for maintaining relationships is this simple watercolor about love. When you have art that reflects tenderness and caring the vibration flows all around your environment. Another excellent type of painting for bringing fun into your life and potentially an interesting relationship is a tango dance painting like this one. I suggested a similar painting to a client who was recently divorced. After hanging it in a certain feng shui area of her home she signed up for tango lessons and started what turned out to be a long relationship with a another dancer she met there. Another client who I also suggested a tango painting to found without even consciously realizing it had incorporated two people dancing into an art piece she made. There are so many kinds of images that inspire us in ways that can improve our lives. For any person living alone or if in a marriage where one would like to up the fun quotient in the relationship I have found that these tango paintings can sure get the energy stirred up. If you are in a relationship where you feel the other person you live with is dominating you and you want to stand up and say Hey Im here or if you are living alone and liking it then its good in my opinion to have an individual subject matter piece that is strong and reflects your inner Superman or Superwoman such as this photograph called Galaxy where you are center of your own inner universe. Pictures of groups of people as pictured below are excellent to have in your house especially the public areas such as a room like your den or kitchen as they would tend to make the inhabitants want to do things with friends or family perhaps participating in such events as dinners with neighbors or spending a fun day at the beach. In your home or office paintings or pictures of roses that are alive with warmth can bring gentleness friendship as well as loving feelings to any space it occupies. This also applies to fresh flowers This painting below of roses in a crystal vase is one that brings positive and happy energy to any room. by Gail Reaben 15 Fun Fair at the Beach by Edan Cohen Galaxy by Gail Reaben Tango Under the Sun by Ted Cowart www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 19 It is truly amazing how much art affects us at deeper levels. For one of my clients who lived alone and mostly came home from work and watched television there was little art in her house to encourage reaching out to others. She had some exquisite art pieces but they were of individual objects and lonely landscapes. I suggested a painting or photograph of people having fun at Mardi Gras to lighten the energy in her den. Within a few months of hanging it she was enjoying herself hosting dinner parties and inviting friends over to watch her sports team on television. As we walk through our houses the furniture the paintings the photos and the colors are all sending us messages. When they are positive ones good things happen. To further create happy vibes in your house do take a walking tour through each room. Look at the subjects of your paintings as well as the colors. Are your subjects enjoying themselves or do they look sad or lonely Do they look menacing or aggressive How do you think you would feel if there were photos of the Holocaust around you every morning when you got up Greetings its a gray battlefield or monster staring you in the face to start your day and continues throughout that day evening and the next day next month . . . . Do you think that would be able to maintain a happy and positive attitude amongst such gloom and doom Of course not and I used that example that was just to make a point by showing a contrast of how important it is to have photographs or paintings of images that lift your spirit. Landscapes can bring peace harmony and joy to a house as well. If a painting lifts your spirit you will spread that joy or peace to others around you. If you are a couple its even better as the joy multiplies. This landscape Green Fields by artist Ted Cowart is a quite positive one lifting the spirit with its feelings of well being from his bright colors sense of calm waters and a lovely blue sky. This is another type of image that elicits a totally different feeling and shows how much the opposite type of image can affect us at a deep level. This example isnt particularly sad or painful but is an image that can affect ones ability to make decisions. Imagine how this picture might affect a person who has this one in a prominent place in their house a wonderful photograph of soft gentle grays with good composition of an early morning fog on the water. Artistically its definitely a well done professional photograph with lots of feeling. Lets imagine you have this photo prominent in your house and every single day every time you pass by it you see a fog of soft white and grays no color. You cant make out any shapes clearly of any people in the water any ships or even the sun. And in this case the fog never burns off as it stays hazy. Your world starts to become unclear and you look for definition. Theres a good chance a person who has a blurry or foggy painting in their house might have difficulty making decisions as you cant see clearly what it is you want to do. No matter how hard he or she would try they just couldnt focus or make clear what was in front of them. Are those ships canoes or battleships with a telephoto lens One starts to squint to bring definition but alas . . . the fog continues. Green Fields by Ted Cowart Rose Grouping II by Ted Cowart 20 www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 For good Feng Shui and for a happier outlook on life you want to only have art that uplifts you such as the photograph of a clear waterfall at the beginning of this article with its strong greens and blues. It is alive and its energetic a great piece for home or office. When you walk into your kitchen or your den take a look at the art you have hanging. Again does it make your heart sings when you see it or come close at least If it makes you feel a little melancholy or sad you might consider replacing it with something that makes you smile when you look at it. Scientists have discovered that when a person smiles or looks at something that makes them feel good certain chemicals are released which strengthen the immune system. In other words peaceful joyous and happy art is healthy The French have created some of the worlds greatest artists. Many of The Impressionists of the late 1800s early 1900s have given us happy colors and subjects to brighten any house. Some of their art can brighten a home forever like Van Goghs Sunflowers or Renoirs paintings of children and his friends. See his Luncheon of the Boating Party below. It can bring energetic happy energy to a home. Fortunately reproductions of these paintings are easily available on the internet. These all bring good energy to any environment Some people have been able to get raise their spirits and mood to a more positive one by simply changing the art in their house. This is probably a good time to say that you donthavetobewealthytohavegreatartinyour house Pier 1 Hobby Lobby and Kirklands all have wonderful posters you might like. And there are also poster companies on the internet such as where you can buy beautiful uplifting art. You may also contact any of the artists mentioned in this article. Make your house alive with joy and according to many sages blessings are soon to follow. Luncheon of the Boating Party by Auguste Renoir French Impressionist Painter1882 Roadside Garden II by Ted Cowart Gail Reaben graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in Art. She also attended art school in Jamaica The Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Glassell School of Art. Reaben is a award winning documentary filmmaker award winning artist and photographer published writer of mystical phenomenon and feng shui consultant specializing in art placement and purchase. Her new documentary film Tick Tock Clock will be screened at film festivals this year. Contact info www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 21 www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 How to Be OK Being Single Sex Tips to Drive Him Wild 10 Signs Hes Cheating on You- theses are the types of articles we all scoff at and then secretly read when no one else can see our shame. We cant help but think that maybe this article will be the ONE. The one that has all the answers that can unlock some secret in the universe that makes our issue easier to cope with. Lets be real they all basically say the same thing and leave us with a feeling of futility- like theres no real hope for change. I cant promise that Im writing the only article ever that will NOT be like that but I hope I can give you something different. This is the part where Im supposed to say that youre a strong independent woman who dont need no man which obviously is true youre a bad ass But I think the subject is more nuanced than that. Its more than just giving you permission to embrace who you are. Its more of a question of HOW. And before we get into that I think its important to look at a definition of the word single- Single Only one in number unique sole a single example. Whether or not youre with someone I think we can all agree that every person fills this description- you are a beautiful single example of yourself one that no one else can copy. And its so important vital to hang onto that whether youre in a relationship or not. So this is for ALL you ladies out there regardless of your love situation. Getting to know yourself and then being ok with who that person is takes a while. Not only is it time consuming but its also something that needs constant re-evaluation. Youre constantly learning and growing- whether youre aware of it or not. A few years ago I ended my first relationship- it was a sad scary and lonely part of my life. Because it was so lonely I tried to force other romantic relationships to work even if I knew it was a bad idea. Not surprisingly each one left me more devastated than the last until eventually I learned that I had to be ok being by myself before I could be with anyone else. This was incredibly liberating. There were new things I could go after old things I desperately wanted to discard. Things that had changed within me due to this break up and things I still needed to work on changing in myself. It took a long time for me to fully embrace the person I really was. When that happened the pre- break up me was just a shadow of the authentic person I discovered hiding under all the nonsense. After a few years I found another person to give it a shot with and because I was solidified in myself I was able to stand firm in that relationship. Fast forward two wonderful years later and were still together. While its been a journey I wouldnt trade for the world I recently turned inward and realized that I had subtly let go of a lot of things that made me inherently me. Sometimes you can lose focus on yourself as you 22 How to be OKBeing SingleBy Arielle Nieshalla What s in a Name - Arielle Nieshalla is a writer actor and all around dabbler in the arts living in LA. She loves reading and looking contemplatively out of windows whilst its raining. Shes a contributing writer for the fabulous HelloGiggles website and you can follow someofherwritingathttphellogiggles.compraise- real-father3or if social media is more of your thing catch her adventures in Instagram Aribelle89. www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 23 try to exist with another person. It dawned on me that I had lost a lot of the unique single example of myself and in doing so I had lost the ability to be happy with myself- to be ok being with the single-ness of me. I made a list of all the things that make me happy things I wanted to do outside of and separate from my relationship. Not out of anger or spite towards my boyfriend but out of the need to retain who I am. Ive started to tackle each of those items on my list one by one and each time I knock something off I feel lighter more centered. Im satisfied in a deeper way than any other person could make me. So thats my secret for how to be ok being single- never wear it as a badge of shame but rather claim it for yourself with pride. Dont think of being single as a thing to end but rather a thing to continue being always. A relationship isnt the end goal another person isnt what you need to go after. You in all your unique sole single example of yourself are the one whos going to be there every day for the rest of your life. If you can embrace THAT person everything else will fall into place. Keep seeking yourself out discovering yourself can be the great romance. Lets put away the negativity that gets tacked onto the word single for what is it really A word. An empty word that looks to us to fill it to give it meaning and that meaning is what defines it. After all would a rose by any other name smell as sweet i Weve all come across the phrase eat pray love made popular by the author Elizabeth Gilbert and familiar- ized with the Julia Roberts film. However in my humble opinion it gave travel and self-exploration a romanticized affect on ones heart soul and mind. Part of discover- ing your self is digging deep and viewing yourself from anothers perspective. In the United States its easy to go from state to state with out feeling any big culture change. Yet on other continents crossing borders means speaking another language following dif- ferent laws and even behaving in a modified manner. Its that ability to adapt with fluidity that having an international friend just might be one of the best rela- tionships you have for yourself. NotlongagoactuallyAlmost10 years ago I was a fortunate 19 year old that had a mother who loved her. My mother saved her teachers pay to take my younger brother and I to Turkey to visit a foreign exchange student that we hosted the year before. Inexperienced with travel the world and life out- side of Kansas Im happy to say I went into this trip with a very open mind. Upon arriving we traveled 30 minutes from the Izmir air- port to their winter home Foca. Everything seemed so lovely and my host sister like a princess. In my eyes. Their life was so exotic. The house they lived in was small to an Americans standard but as Sheya communicated we dont live in our house. We live out in the world. This is probably one of the most important things I have ever learned. So if you need to re read that last bit trust me it sticks. While visiting we were able to experience life their way. They were in no means in poverty class rather upper middle class. They could afford 2 homes private school and leisure. We traveled from countryside to city down the coast to Kushasai and all the way to Istanbul. All the while I was picking up the language like a sponge. The more diverse the atmosphere the more I wanted to communicate absorb and divulge. I wanted to break the stereotype of Americans single handedly. So I mimicked my host sister. Her behavior at home out in the world and towards her family. Her life was the life I wanted. I gave up the reins of my self-control and rather than adapt as myself I became some- one else. This is where that part of discovering a deeper side to your self via influence is so very crucial. My host sister was hand- ed everything in life. It is their culture to treat daughters and women like princesses. Hard to believe that a Middle Eastern Get an International Friend HAVING A woRlD View CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU VIEW YoURSelF in YoUR woRlD. By Isabel Herrman PART OF DISCOVERING YOUR SELF IS DIGGING DEEP AND VIEWING YOURSELF FROM ANOTHERS PERSPECTIVE. 24 ..F2016 culture treats women well Well if they are educated and cultured they do and I wanted that life. So I demanded it from my own mother. Which was not normal for me to be a demanding brat. Our trip neared its end and I was invited to stay an additional month. I wanted this trip to never end absolutely YES Mom I want to stay My mothers response Ive already paid for the tickets home and an additional ticket to get you home will be too expen- sive for me. Unacceptable. I had to put my foot down. I was a prin- cess now. I was in Turkey. I was no longer that country Kansas bump- kin. Ive been to another part of the world I was now special This is the only real regret I have in life. Treating my mother dis- respectfully because that is how I thought I needed to behave in order to fit the mold. I was wrong our Turkish hosts were not spoil- ing their daughters like princesses they were treating US like guests. The Turkish culture is very hospi- table and holds the ability to have guests to a high standard. It was my LACK of understanding that made me exactly the stereotype I so dreadfully did not want to become. Sheya NEVER behaved the way I did it was I that under- stood wrong. Our trip came to an end me on the plane with my mom and brother. At the time I did not see the importance of the travel as a cultural explora- tion I saw it as a privilege. This is where I was oh-so-wrong. It wasnt until the next semes- ter of university when I met my friend Tamiko from Japan that I had learned the error of my way. Tomiko a student from an upbringing similar to my own. Modest yet education driven. I listened to her express her grati- tude in just breathing the air on the other side of the world. This gratitude of exploration was an insight to her and WHO she was. Look I was 19. I dont expect ANY 19 year old to know who they are but to be able to carry yourself in another culture respectfully is key. Tomiko did JUST that. It was my time spent with her that I gained insight to her culture and her into mine. We laughed about generalizations quirky culture icons and disagreed on several out dated traditions. I was able to learn from Tomiko how to be myself in a strange land. This friendship couldnt have been more important. The next year I was a fish out of water no mom to watch over me and no one to keep me in check other than ME I left dear ole USA and studied abroad in the furthest place geographical- ly I could think of Australia. Upon arriving I thought I can be ANYONE no one knows me here. I smiled laughed out loud and let that thought go. I didnt want to BE anyone else. I wanted to learn about this other culture so that it could ADD to ME. I made friends there that will be friends for life I even learned that trusting yourself is always the BEST self. I came back with heaps of stories those will be for anoth- er article both good and bad I had a different view on the world. There is a LOT out there and I am just a small part of it all. But I GET to be a part of it. Having an international friends can broad- en your horizon or influence you in a way youve never expected. In my experience welcome all from everywhere youll at least have gratitude and thats a whole lot Isabel Herrman is an artist first believes in humanity and strides everyday to make the world a better place. Her experiences and stories are shared to further connect us all. When shes not writing about life you can find her at the beach or in a coffee shop soaking in the worlds beauty or simply people watching. 25 ..F2016 How to Fix a Bad Credit Score By Alexis Monahan Lets talk about MONEY HONEY Credit is a HUGE part of everyones life. And we have all the commercials and pop-up ads to prove it Bad credit can mean that you may not be able to get that loan that credit line increase or even that job. Obviously the best way to have good credit is to keep good credit but sometimes life gets in the way and you need to fix a broken credit. This article will focus on how you can fix your bad credit score. First things first How is your credit score calculated Several factors are considered 35 YOUR PAYMENT HISTORY Do you pay on time or do you have late fees 30 YOUR DEBT TO CREDIT RATIO The amount of debt you have compared to how much unused credit you have. 10 NEW CREDIT Have you recently opened a lot of new credit 15 LENGTH OF YOUR CREDIT HISTORY How long have you hadbeen paying on your debt 10 CREDIT MIX What type of credit do you have variable credit cards or xed rate car or personal loans There are only a few of these factors you personally have any control over. Lets start with Your Payment History. If you have late payments on your credit cards or loans that will most dramatically affect your credit score. To fix this it is important do your best to pay on time in the future. Even if it is just the minimum amount due being on time with the payment will show that you are getting your credit act together. You cant change the past but you can do better going forward. Next here is how you can help Your Debt to Credit Ratio. Many people think that when they get in credit trouble they need to immediately cancel all of their cards. This is exactly the opposite of what you should do 26 ..F2016 Closing your cards will reduce the credit portion of this ratio. You want to keep the amount of your credit as high as possible while paying off the debt part slow and steady wins the race here. What is important is to not use those credit cards anymore. If you dont have the will power to not use the card then cut the card upbut keep the account open to keep your credit high. As you continue to pay off your debt this debt to credit ratio will keep getting better and better. For New Credit it is pretty simple. Unless you need new credit to pay for something you actually need and dont just want there really is no reason for you to be opening up new credit all the time. There is nothing you can really do about Length of Your Credit History except to wait and let time work in your favor. It is similar when it comes to Credit Mix. Most of us have installment loans in student loan debt. And most of us have variable loans in credit cards. So we already have a mix of credit. But there are also personal loans car loans mortgages etc. that can affect this mix. Just focus on not taking out loans on things you dont need to buy or cant afford. It may not be fun but it is important for your financial future. In the long run having a good credit score is going to save you a lot of money -You will have lower interest rates on any credit you do haveneed. -You will be able to get emergency credit easily should you need it no need for PayDay Loans. -A good credit can mean you get a better job with better pay. I hope this article has helped you understand your credit score a little better and how you can make it any better Most any credit card now offers you a look at your free FICO Score every month which is great information for you. You can also look at your credit history online for free every year at www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 27 28 ..F2016 Q My four best friends and I just went through breakups right before Valentines Day. Any ideas how we should celebrate together and make it a girls day like Parks Recs Galentines Day I had to research Galentines Day Ive never seen an episode of Parks Rec. It sounds like a really neat idea though. Id say take a vote between your closest girlfriends and see what they want to do. Its all about what everyone will enjoy together as a group. Some ideas to think about Rent a limo and have a daynight out on the town. Spa day. Host Breakfast lunch or dinner. Craft day. See a local band. Wine tasting. Host a dessert party. Host a sex toy party. The options are endless really. I want an invite I love boots in the fall and winter but I dont know which ones to get that atter my gure. Are there any rules for length or style of fashion boots Yep you betcha. The overall shape of your body actually makes a big dierence when shopping for boots. Are you petite Chose boots that will hit above your knee to lengthen your legs. Petite and curvy Dont go too high. Muscular Ankle boots with a heel will show o the work youve put into your legs and that added heel will ex your hard earned muscles as you walk. Slim Any boot ts slim legs but over the knee will give you a little more shape to your legs. Short Any higher than ankle boot but lower than the knee otherwise it will make you look shorter. If youre short and curvy stay away from higher than knee or calf length they both give the illusion that your legs are shorter. Tall Small heel or ats to let your natural height take over and low cuts will make those long legs stand out. Tall and curvy Any length but steer clear of anything higher than the knee. Misc info Boots that are busy with accessories and add-ons will look best on tall leggy people. Thinner heels look best on slender people and wider heels look good on curvy people wedge heels included. Stacked heels are best for the curvy gure. Q A MorethananythingLaciPaigeauthoroftheSilkenEdgeSeriesenjoysspendingtimewithherfamily.Sheandherhusbandsupporttheirchildrenonthe soccerpitchandoff.Lacienjoystheoutdoorstravelandofcoursereadingandwritingandchocolate.TheirfamilylivesinHamptonRoadsVirginiawhere Lacisadultmusewakesuplateatnight. FollowLacionfacebookathttpwww.facebook.comauthorlacipaigeandtwitterathttpstwitter.comlaci_paige. B La Pi ..F2016 29 PIE DIRECTIONS Mix our and sugar together in a bowl. Cut the butter into chunks and knead them into the our with your ngers. It will start to crumble and look like dry oats. Keep kneading until you have very small pieces of butter all covered in our. Add the olive oil and vinegar and knead together to form a rmer ball of dough. Gradually add the water until you can just knead it together but its not sticky. Place in an airtight container and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes. Roll out the dough so it ts in a 15cm 6 inch round or heart shaped pie pan. Then cut out a piece of parchment paper to put in the bottom and then grease the sides with butter to prevent the dough from sticking to it while baking. Bake at 190 C 375 F for 20-25 minutes until the edges are slightly golden brown. Let cool and remove from pan without breaking it into pieces this is always the most nerve wrecking task. Turn up the oven till 220 C 425 F. FILLING DIRECTIONS Separate the egg into white and yolk and mix the yolk with 2 tablespoons sugar until it turns white uy. Add the cornstarch and mix again. Heat the water lemon juice and zest in a small pot till it boils. Remove from heat. Gently pour about half of the lemon juice into the egg yolk mixture and stir until combined. Pour back into the pot to mix with the rest of the lemon juice and place it back on the heat on medium and stir for 2-3 minutes until it turns into custard and make sure there are no lumps. Spread the lemon custard over the piecrust in an even layer and all the way to the edge. Beat the egg white until it forms soft peaks gradually add the 4 teaspoons of sugar and keep mixing until sti peaks are formed. With a spoon place the merengue on top of the lemon custard. It does not need to cover it completely. Make some peaks in the merengue with the spoon and place it back in the oven for 5-8 minutes till the edges turn slightly brown. Keep a close eye on this one as it happens really fast. Serve right away -Enjoy Make this delicious pie for Valentines Day or any special occasion with your loved one. Lemon merengue pie looks so beautiful with its soft merengue top and slightly browned edges and the taste cannot be described suciently with words. You must taste it First of all lets start with the crust. We made ours in a heart shaped pan just because we can PIE INGREDIENTS 12 cup our 1 teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon cold salted butter 1 tablespoon olive oil 14 teaspoon white vinegar 1-2 tablespoons cold water LEMON FILLING INGREDIENTS 1 large egg white and yolk separated 2 tablespoons plus 4 teaspoons sugar divided 2 teaspoons cornstarch 14 cup water 1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest 2 tablespoons lemon juice Lemon Merengue Pie OHM SWEATY BIKRAM YOGA CLASS BY JOANNA KELLY 30 My good friend is obsessed with Bikram yoga. She loves it more than anything and has even been known to go to more than one class in a day. Each class is an hour and a half so that is three hours of 105 ex- ercise. She might be clinically insane but I gure if she loves it that much I should give it a whirl. For those of you that have never heard of Bikram Yoga it is a class consisting of 26 postures performed in structured sequence in a heated and humidied room. According to the Bikram Yoga LA website heat is used in Bikram yoga in order to allow you to go deeper and safer into the yoga postures reducing any risk of injury. You will nd that practicing yoga in the heated room creates a satisfying feeling of achievement. The heat also promotes detoxication through perspiration. I show up to the studio with my mat towel and a bot- tle of water in my most sweat resistant lululemon ready to feel a satisfied sense of achievement. Or maybe just a little bit skinnier. I sign a waiver that ba- sically says This is a bad idea. The room will be 105 or hotter and will probably make you feel like shit. If you choose to participate it isnt our fault when you want to barf. I might be paraphrasing. I pay for class sign my life away and head into the room. As I enter there are about 10 yogis in various stages of repose on their mats. The room is warm but feels more like cozy snuggles than the inside of a convec- tion oven. I am buoyed and think it cant be any worse than other styles of warm yoga classes Ive taken. We start with some breathing exercises as the room heats up. I am accustomed to ujjayi breathing in all the yoga classes I have taken. You constrict the back of your throat just a bit so your breath sounds like the ocean or like Darth Vader. The yogis in this room sound more like a Giant with sleep apnea or a dying asthmatic cow. I try hard to focus on the teacher. The room continues to heat even more and we move on to some stretching poses. I am relieved when the snoring stops. It is getting pretty warm but I can also feel the sweat starting to roll and surely this means I am detoxifying my body. The teacher encourages us to resist drinking water until after the first three poses. He fails to mention that wewillbedoingeachposetwicehold- ing them for a minute or two each. By halfway through the second pose I feel like I have been transported to the in- side of a kiln except with the humidity of the rain forest. I guzzle water as soon as allowed and instantly re- alize that was a poor choice. Now my guts are lled with water and it sloshes around as I move to the next pose. But I push onward. I can feel my muscles working and my exibility increasing with each pose. About half way through the class and the room has the heat of a thousand suns. Then the teacher turns on the overhead fans. I feel as though I have been saved. The sweet breeze hits my drenched body and I am freed from the captivity of oppression This is short lived. As soon the top layer of sweat begins to dry the fans effect becomes an accelerant for the hot air. It is as though someone is breathing down my neck except all over my body. Just as I think I can- not take the overhead fans any longer the teacher turns them off. It is still hot as Hades in this room. About two-thirds of the way through the class the heat has gotten so intense I start to have visions of what the witchs oven in Hansel and Gretel ovens must have felt like. My lungs burn when I breathe. I take an- other sip of water even though the stainless steel cap of my water bottle burns my hand and the glass bottle is only one degree away from being molten. I cant decide which is worse feeling so thirsty from the des- ert in my mouth or feeling full and bloated from the water which instantly starts to boil as it passes my lips. ..F2016 31 Born and raised in Houston Texas and a graduate of New York University Joanna Kelly now resides in Los Angeles where she works as an actress model and writer. In her free time she enjoys sharing her wisdom with up and coming talent coaching children of all ages for modeling and acting. Joanna is also an avid blogger. To learn more about Joanna and her work check out her websites and I stay the course because if you leave the room you are not supposed to come back in. Maybe there will be some deep yogic revelation spir- itual awakening if I stay. The founder Mr. Bikram has made claims his yoga can cure cancer and that practitioners can live to be 100 years old. Maybe the thought Im dying that has been going through my head for the past hour really means that I am going to live a long time Near the end of class the teacher opens the door to the studio and I wish I had had the forethought to take a space nearer to the door. I could have had a sip of fresh cool air from the lobby. I would give that woman by the door my life savings to trade spots with me. He turns on the fans again and despite the slight chill I feel disheartened because I know it is temporary and I will feel like I am burning to death again shortly. As I get up from Salabhasana Locust Pose - or as I renamed it Low-Cuss Pose because of the whispered expletive that came out of my mouth I look at my mat and wonder what Rorschach would think of my sweaty outline on the mat. And that when I die in here from heat stroke the cops wont have to make a chalk outline because Ive already made one with perspiration. When class is finally over I head to the lobby to sit for a minute and thank my lucky stars for fresh air and towels and water and lets be frank trying not to collapse from the exertion of nearly dying and wait for the feeling of accomplishment. It is slow to come but soon I realize I made it through 90 minutes of heated torture and give myself a little pat on the back. Ohm shanti motherfckers. ..F2016 32 www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016